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Are you new to the country of Borgovia? Interested in occult practices? Amazed by the mechanical wonders? Or do you simply wish to learn more about the bizzare creatures roaming the land? Rejoice, for you have entered the treasure of knowledge about Van Helsing: Final Cut.

Van Helsing: Final Cut takes The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 1, 2 and 3 and combines them together into one, continuous big game. The Final Cut features are:

  • The classes from Van Helsing 3 have been completely reworked.
  • Each class has it's own specific attributes.
  • Completely new skill trees, each class can choose from up to 32 different Skills and up to 12 different Auras.
  • Completely new Adventure Mode, which incorporates good old Scenarios with daily quests and timely events.
  • Five new Difficulty levels for those who want the challenge, and more...

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